The Website That Helped to Stop Bullying

Literacy is the basic tool that enables people to debate changes and ...I’m very happy that my daughter was able to get involved with a website that helped to conquer bullying. My daughter was a freshman in high school, and she was very involved in student affairs. She realized that bullying was a very big problem in her high school and she wanted to do something to stop it She and some of her friends decided that they would make a web site to help the victims of bullying, and also to stop bullying from being something that was commonplace in high schools. My daughter is a very caring individual, and she absolutely hates to see anybody abused or mistreated, so she rarely wanted to do all that she could to help people to stop bullying.

She was surprised by all of the responses that she got to her web page. She’d put an ad in the high school paper, and she also put an ad in the junior high paper. Continue reading The Website That Helped to Stop Bullying

How Would Our Kids Change Their Schools?

The educational system in America is flawed in so many ways. Children are sitting in overcrowded classrooms, extra activities like art and music are being cut and materials in some schools are outdated and in desperate need of repair. Adults talk about these problems all the time without being able to find the solutions they are looking for, but what would happen if you asked a group of kids their opinions about how to fix their schools? When the question was posed to a group of ten to sixteen year olds, some interesting ideas came about. Kids say that they want their teachers to have fun in the classroom. While we certainly need our teachers to teach reading and writing, we also need them to keep the kids engaged and eager to learn. The only way to do this is to make the learning process fun. Continue reading How Would Our Kids Change Their Schools?