Someone else Has It Better

I became quite jealous after visiting a friend at Seaside Residences in Siglap. I was going over there to hang out with him since I hadn’t seen or talked to him in a long time. Once I got there, all I could think about was how much his place looked in comparison to mine. He had a bigger bedroom and living space, he had a nice view of the sea, and he even had a pool to swim in whenever he wanted. My friend was practically living like a king, while I was in some simple apartment that only had a small amount of room and didn’t even have a pool. It became even worse once I went back home, because everything look sub par.

There was no getting over what I had seen that day. My only options were to keep living in that same old apartment, or get a room in the Seaside Residence like my friend did and enjoy what they have to offer. I asked my friend how much he was paying for rent in the Seaside building and I couldn’t believe the price he told me. Continue reading Someone else Has It Better

Making Sure We Get the Limousine Lined Up

Making sure we had a Toronto limo lined up for the wedding was the least of my worries. This is my third marriage (third time’s the charm!), and I wanted to avoid some of the problems I encountered planning my previous two ceremonies. The second one was an absolute nightmare in that while I did remember to book the limo, I failed to make a plan for something going wrong. The service we hired had a fire in their garage the night before the ceremony and lo and behold we rolled away from the church in my mother’s Toyota Camry.

I had a chuckle when researching limo companies online after running across a site that suggested making back up plans in case something happens to the limousine you want. I couldn’t agree more! That is why this time around I’m not taking any chances. I’m planning the wedding (I’m 60 and my parents are long gone and not paying for it), and I’m making sure I leave nothing to chance. I’ve called at least three limo companies and I have two options in case something happens to my primary choice. I hate to be paranoid, but being paranoid means being prepared.

I’m hopeful the limo I picked makes it to the ceremony, though. It’s a lovely vehicle with enough space inside to play a football match! Seriously, it’s going to be a great ride and I’m sure my wife to be will love showing off with it in front of her friends and her family. My son thought it was so great that he wants to ride in it with us! That won’t be happening, obviously, but he is correct that it’s pretty stylish. I wish I could drive around in a limo like this every day of the week! It would be fabulous!