The World is Your Open Oyster

When I was growing up, I was located in the New England region while I was raised by parents of second generation Americans. I was really happy to be able to go to the Jersey shore every single summer while I was growing up for vacation. Once, my parents took us to Florida by car so we could see the country and actually go and enjoy Disney World. Now that I am older I like to look for things like Harajuku fever and other really cool locations so that I could see different things that I might not see back in my every day life. I like to be able to go and meet new people who are in the lands where I go across the world. I think that every person has a story and I think that it is really important to sit and listen to what they have to say because it is so important for you to learn about others.

The more that people learn about one another the more they will understand and I think that when people understand where you are coming from that they will make the way to learning more about themselves. I have learned that the more I learn about other people, the more tolerant of different people I am. I grew up in a place where a lot of people did not like others that were not like themselves and I knew that it was going to be good to learn about others when I saw that we had new people moving in when I was younger. The family did not look like us and I knew that they were going to have an awesome story and I learned so much from my dear friends, I love them still to today.

Loving the Video Games Now

I didn’t understand why people would spend time as adults playing video games, but I understand why now. My friends told me that they wanted me to try out the new video game that they had just got at the store. I told her I did not want anything to do with a video game and she told me that she wanted me to come over and just hang out. I saw that she texted me to look for Idle Heroes cheats before I came over so that I could help her out with the game. I did not know what to say because I really did not want to go but sit and watch her play her games like she has me do. I usually end up watching TV or reading something but I like being with her because she is cool to just sit in a room and hang out with, we always end up laughing.

Well, this time it was very different and I ended up trying out the new game because it looked fun. Continue reading Loving the Video Games Now